Top 10 Disappointing Players (2015-16)

by Tom Collins on April 4, 2016

Top 10 players who disappointed us in fantasy hockey this season…


It seems as if this campaign had more disappointments than usual. Maybe it just seems this way. All I know is that if it wasn't for Sidney Crosby's second half, I could have just looked at last year's first-round drafts in many pools and ran with that. The hardest part of this list was choosing the 10 players that were the most disappointing as my original list had about 40 names on it. It was a crazy season that left many poolies scratching their heads.

Before we get to the list, some ground rules: I'm not including netminders on this list because I did a complete top 10 on disappointing goalies a few weeks back. And as always, I don't include injured players in the list unless they were also disappointing when healthy. So here are the top 10 disappointing seasons of the 2015-16 campaign.


10. Patrick Marleau

Marleau used to have a history of fast starts followed by poor finishes. But those days are gone. Now he just has poor seasons from start to finish. Truthfully there were some bright spots for him this season. Twenty-two goals is nothing to sneeze at and 23 power play points is tied for 21st-best in the league. And his 210 shots is great for fantasy circles. But his grand total of 44 points and a team-worst minus-23 outdoes all the good in the other categories.


9. Henrik Sedin

Last year's season was just a mirage to fool poolies into thinking he can be a consistent 70-point player again. The problem with Sedin is that if he isn't getting points he's pretty much useless in fantasy leagues. And this year he's been pretty much useless. Sedin has 11 goals and 53 points to go along with a plus-two, 24 PIM, 19 power play points and 95 shots. That's not going to win you any pools.


8. Radim Vrbata

What an ugly way to hit the free agent market for Vrbata. Even with many expecting a decrease in Canucks scoring, no one could have expected this bad a season for Vrbata. He has just 13 goals and 27 points. That's compounded by a minus-30 (second-worst in the league) and just nine power play points. This is just awful on so many levels.


7. Evander Kane

I fear what we see from Kane now is really all we're ever going to get. He is a good own in leagues that count shots and PIM as he had 271 and 91 of those respectively. But what about those categories that rely on offence? Twenty goals is fine, but 35 points is waiver-wire material in most leagues. A minus-14 hinders poolies and two power play goals and six power play points is horrible. All these stats are even worse when you consider he has the second highest time on ice per game among Sabres forwards and gets to play with Jack Eichel and Ryan O'Reilly on a regular basis.


6. Rick Nash

Yes he spent part of the season injured. But he wasn't good when he did play. Maybe we were spoiled by his 42 goals last year. But poolies needed more from Nash than 15 goals and 36 points. He's also been brutal on the power play with just six power play points. A plus-six and 24 PIM to go along with those numbers makes Nash just as valuable in fantasy leagues as Andre Burakovsky.


5. Jakub Voracek

He's been one of the most frustrating players to own this season. He spent a good chunk of the year on the fourth line playing with Pierre-Edouard Bellemare and Chris Vandevelde and away from superstar Claude Giroux. His 11 goals was the worst since his rookie campaign way back in 2008-09. His 53 points is his worst non-lockout season since 2011-12. His PIM were down, he was a minus player and he had just one power play goal. It was just a mess of a season for Voracek owners.


4. Tyler Johnson

A year ago he was battling Steven Stamkos for the team lead in points. Now he's battling Alex Killorn for fourth on the team. Not good. Sure his points are down this season but what's even worse is how pedestrian he's been in every fantasy category. He's not helping anyone with anything. He has just 14 goals, 37 points, plus-five, 18 PIM, three power play goals, 12 power play points and 157 shots.


3. Steven Stamkos

Stamkos point-per-game numbers have now declined for three straight seasons. He just can't pile up the points anymore. He's still a beast when it comes to power play goals and his 36 goals as a whole is okay.  But his 64 points has to be disappointing for a player that was a top-five pick in most drafts. It wouldn't surprise me if he isn't a first-round pick in many drafts next year, depending on where he signs.


2. Phil Kessel

Kessel was well-hyped coming into this season. After years of being stuck with Tyler Bozak as his centre, Kessel would get to play with a true elite centre for the first time. And it backfired. Kessel only started getting the points recently and that's with Nick Bonino as his centreman. Before that, Kessel had a pretty bad season and the last few games do not make up for that.


1. John Tavares

Another top-five fantasy pick that disappointed so many poolies. Tavares has seen a decrease in almost every major statistical fantasy category this season: goals, assists, points, plus-minus, PIM, power play goals, power play points, game winning goals, shots and probably a bunch more as well. It's just simply not up to the excellence that many expect from him.