Top 100 Roto – September 2013

by Austin Wallace on September 18, 2013



The Top 100 Roto is back! Summer vacation is over for both the NHL and this list, and all the teams have a clean slate. The Top 100 has been wiped clean as well, with Gates Imbeau stepping aside. He has moved from refining this list each month to focusing more on the back-end of the Dobber Sports Network. Download September's Top 100 Roto Here.



** Version 2 uploaded - fixed pages issue and category issue **

I am honored to take up this torch and to have been entrusted to blaze my own path. I will do my best each and every month to bring you a tool that gives you the upper hand in your pool, and one that brings you another perspective on player’s values. Know that this list is not the be all and end all, but it can be another valuable piece in DobberHockey’s incredible toolbox.

This month’s publication is really only the starting point of what I want to do. In the months that come, I am considering adding info-graphics, some comments, possibly contributions from others, additional columns, a defense-specific list, and more. Each month, I will alternate from a one-year based list to a keeper-based list. As such, the kickoff edition features the one-year list, and I think it has enough to fill the spotlight for this month.




Download September's Top 100 Roto Here.



I would like to take a second to thank a couple people. Thomas Drance for giving me my first writing gig at when all I had was a neat resumé and some cool ideas. Jeff Angus for the opportunity to write my Rebuilding to Contention series on the top Fantasy Hockey website on the Internet. And finally, Gates Imbeau for trusting me and for giving me more than one chance to make my mark. Anyone with a bit of luck, a bit of creativity and a bunch of passion can do this. Make it happen.


Austin Wallace
Twitter: @austeane



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