September 18, 2013

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The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online (pdf) for $9.99 – it comes with an updated spreadsheet. Updates are all free, download as often as you’d like. Last update was Sept. 17.


Tim Thomas going to Florida is a huge break for Thomas owners. The one in my league was buckling under for trading him for Brodeur and a third-rounder (in a full keeper, the draft only has four rounds). But then the Florida news hit and he won’t do it for a second rounder now. I think Florida has a good team with a bright future and they’ll be in the playoff hunt. Thomas in the fold puts them in the playoffs. I made the updates in the fantasy guide already, but if you didn’t buy it (you’ll lose) I’ll tell what you have – I have Thomas signing with the team and starting 51 games to Markstrom’s 31. But at the same time, I have Clemmensen playing five games. Markstrom can still go to the minors without clearing waivers (one more year of that), so he would go back down for a couple of months. But I think as Clemmensen battles injury and weak play, Markstrom will start getting called up to fill in and will be the full-time backup by Christmas.

I have the sneaking suspicion that a Thomas deal would be for two years, meaning Markstrom will be a backup for a year and a half. Hopefully that’s enough time to develop him into that future star we hope he will be.

More on Thomas – The Hockey Writers on why he is the perfect fit.


Notable Cuts:

Henrik Samuelsson – Phoenix. I had him making the team this year, but also noted that I was 55% confident of this (for those who don’t buy the Guide (you’ll lose), I not only list the prospects who could make the team, but I list their odds of making it. And when they are cut I instantly make the change in the Guide and upload it so you’ll always have that info).

Travis Oleksuk – San Jose.

Jerry D’Amigo, Brad Ross, Greg ‘with a leg for an arm and an arm for’ McKegg

Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Toronto and Chicago all made a lot of cuts, but no other names really stood out. 




Rich Peverley is back in practice for the Stars. He underwent a procedure last week to correct an irregular heartbeat.


The sixth and 24th people to Tweet how much they’re looking forward to playing the new #FantasyHockey game gets invited to my personal league. I’ll be looking for the terms “” and “#FantasyHockey”. I chose “6” and “24” because cases of beer are sold in those sizes (hey – we all have a system!). But I was disappointed when, on Monday, only 17 people Tweeted it. So I just gave it to the 17th person. Hopefully more people are on board this time around. I have a league to fill!</