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am one....

Before I begin my weekly purging of all fantasy related neuron transmissions, I do need to address something that has been on my mind all week. On Superbowl Sunday, Winnipeg lost two of its most decorated fire-fighters in a terrible accident during a seemingly routine house fire. It is too bad that it takes incidents like this to make us all realize just how important and often under-appreciated these everyday heroes are. I for one am going to make a better effort to give these men and women a few more friendly nods, appreciative waves, and spontaneous thank-you’s. None of us know when it may be our families that they save, and the fact that they ‘run towards’ while all others ‘run away’ is pretty damn heroic in my book. Anyhow, I just want everyone who reads this to sit back and think for a moment about losing everything that matters to you, and in turn, join me in doing a little extra to show our appreciation.