Fantasy Experts are as genuine as a three dollar bill. Trust me …. I supposedly

Chris Burns


am one….

Before I begin my weekly purging of all fantasy related neuron transmissions, I do need to address something that has been on my mind all week. On Superbowl Sunday, Winnipeg lost two of its most decorated fire-fighters in a terrible accident during a seemingly routine house fire. It is too bad that it takes incidents like this to make us all realize just how important and often under-appreciated these everyday heroes are. I for one am going to make a better effort to give these men and women a few more friendly nods, appreciative waves, and spontaneous thank-you’s. None of us know when it may be our families that they save, and the fact that they ‘run towards’ while all others ‘run away’ is pretty damn heroic in my book. Anyhow, I just want everyone who reads this to sit back and think for a moment about losing everything that matters to you, and in turn, join me in doing a little extra to show our appreciation.


(In no way was this intended to be taken as a “shout-out” to Notch. In fact, I am still of the belief that he only fire-fights because he loves the tickle the pole gives his arse on the way down)

Now in regards to the heading of this article, I suppose you are wondering why I would discredit my weekly offering so harshly, however the fact of the matter is that you absolutely agree with me. Most of you just don’t realize it yet. In fact, I am confident that if most of you actually sit back and consider why you tune into my column each week, you will begin to see that you are not in search of new knowledge or hidden tips. In reality, I can guarantee that you actually seek to endorse a set of pre-conceived beliefs that you yourself have developed. The fact that we have a large audience merely makes your own ideas seem that much more credible when you do in fact find one of us echoing them in print.

I am willing to bet, that for those of you who are regulars to this site, your initial visit to resulted in one or two major similarities between what we were projecting and what you had come up with yourself. It was this sudden justification and legitimization or your own thoughts and theories that immediately programmed your synapses to relate our site as a valid and genuine source for all things fantasy. Consider what your initial reaction would have been if our site completely went against what your gut-feelings, projections, and homework had produced. My guess is that you would have written us off as just another site full of useless crap from guys who obviously know nothing about the game. I know …. I’ve done it myself.

The truth is that when we search for help in regards to fantasy sports, we are not really searching for help. We are looking for reassurance on certain things that we already know we are going to do, regardless of what anybody writes or thinks. I for one think this is a great way to approach your research, and find few things as gratifying as nailing a sleeper pick or going “a little wide” at the draft and having things work out as only you predicted. The problem arises when we get blinded by the search for validation of our own i