Questions for the Frog

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Cory Stillman


I received a lot of feedback following my 60 thoughts on 30 teams column a couple of weeks ago. Some of you liked the article and some of you really thought it was...well, a piece of crap. But whatever your opinion, don’t hesitate to comment on the articles through the forum . It’s good to hear from you and to debate the opinions we write week in and week out. We’re not always right and it’s up to you, the reader, to decide whether to accept our views or not, but one thing I can guarantee is that we’ll always make you consider the moves to make in your fantasy leagues. You can also post suggestions on topics you’d like us to cover in our respective columns, so go ahead and put in your two cents’ worth.

This week, the Croaks are a 'Questions for the Frog' special, featuring several questions received over the past week.