What's the best way to incorporate physical play in fantasy hockey leagues?

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#2 BigE42 2014-08-08 19:18
I'm a huge fantasy hockey guy, in our league we sign UFA's via a matrix that gives the base salary of a player according to the stats they get with our league settings.

By doing that, rather than taking NHL salaries, it increased the salary of these players in our pool vs what they get paid in the NHL. Since we have a salary cap, it makes it less justifiable for a GM to pay something like $3.5M for a guy giving you an amazing 400PIM season but nothing else, than paying $4.5M for a stud like Simmonds giving you stats in all categories.

That way, the uni-dimensional goons stay on the waiver wire pretty much all season.
#1 donpaulo 2014-08-08 02:09
While it is not strictly "Fantasy", APBA sim hockey has incorporated physical play since its inception.

Probably my all time favorite power forward would be Vic Hadfield although I have a grudging respect for Clark Gillies

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