Bergeron to the Island!

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The Edmonton Oilers have traded Marc-Andre Bergeron to the New York Islanders for Denis Grebishkov.



Oilers: Get 23-year-old Grebishkov who has as much talent as 25-year-old Bergeron had, but shed Bergeron's salary ($1 million). Perhaps they feel that Grebishkov will be a more solid PP quarterback. Grebishkov is ranked 183rd in my prospects list.

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Islanders: Get a potential quarterback for their power play, and they shake up their team. Is Bergeron ready for the job? He wasn't in Edmonton, but under Ted Nolan, who knows?

Fantasy Players Impacted: I thought Grebishkov would be in Russia for good…suddenly there is hope he comes over here. Bergeron gets new life, which always helps. This may be the shakeup that both these teams need. The Oil…looks to be throwing in the towel, which may spell the end of Ryan Smyth in Edmonton.