Is There Any Level a Politician Won’t Stoop To?

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My blood is boiling again. There is a long list of idiots here, but I'll single out the two clowns pictured above because they represent the highest level of politician a person can be in Canada, short of Prime Minister.

Layton and Duceppe are clowns for Shane Doan comments



Before I begin, here are the facts:


1. Shane Doan allegedly spouted some anti-French remarks at officials in a December 2005 game in Montreal. He denies that he said anything. Allegedly his words were "F—ing French". Not proven.


2. The NHL investigated the incident and found nothing untoward. He was given a misconduct for verbal abuse, but the league decided that nothing was said that went over the line. Or at least, nothing that could be proven.


3. Denis Coderre, a Liberal MP, spoke out against Doan, speaking without using the word "allegedly"…which is essentially slander if what he says is untrue. Doan filed a lawsuit against Coderre for defamation.


4. Coderre countersues.


5. Dobber's neighbor called him a "F—ing Englishman!"


6. Dobber responded by saying "Yes. Yes I am. Here, have a beer."


7. Doan was named captain of Team Canada at the Worlds.


This is where things get dumb. This is where the politicians once again act like little schoolchildren and try and get that extra vote by blowing things out of proportion and making a big deal out of things. Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe said "I cannot understand why the government wouldn't put out a single comment to say that this is disrespectful to French Canadians."


Let me address that:


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Gilles, according to the law, he did not insult the French. If he did, then not only would I agree with you, but the government would indeed act with a statement. In fact, he would not have been made team captain. However, in this country – you know, the one you were elected to represent – a person is innocent until proven guilty. If the man says he did not say it, then he did not say it until you prove otherwise. Do you know what's "disrespectful" to Canadiens Gilles? Distracting our hockey team and taking focus off of our game. For an issue that is like 50 years old and not even proven.


You are clearly grabbing for some press here Gilles. Stop trying to create some sort of English vs. French dissention in my country. Try and show some respect for my country.


Now for the leader of our NDP, Jack Layton, who suggested that Doan'