The First Two-Time Clown!

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ted saskin clown


Long-time readers of DobberHockey already know how I feel about this guy, and will also know that he was my second ever Clown (after David Frost and before the American Press).


I can't believe how long this circus has gone on for. I understand that the players have finally dealt with things properly…and I stress the word "finally"…but what the hell took them so long? To date, this is what this joker has done:


Red Flag #1

He was far too eager to assume the post, wasting just a few weeks of time before getting that "interim" tag removed from his title. Forget following the process. Forget the union constitution that was put in place to ensure that players do not get taken advantage of. Allan Eagleson? Who's that?


Red Flag #2

Saskin immediately compares himself to other union heads – NFL, MLB, NBA – inflating their "comparable" salaries so that he gets a healthy $2 million per year contract for something like a billion years. Um, clown, those leagues are bigger and more successful. Why not compare yourself to the Lacrosse union head? Why didn't the players research his numbers and come in with a better salary? There are more qualified people out there that will work for a third of that. In fact, I should probably be naming the players union the clown…and not Saskin – but I know how crooked politics works. All it takes is some email monitoring, some bullying, some "hush hush" to the right people, some threats to the right people, and 'boom', Saskin is on top. I can't blame the players, the clown-nose remains on Saskin's face.


Red Flag #3 

Saskin agrees to "follow" the constitution in a "fair" vote amongst the player reps. This was done via telephone, without other nominees being interviewed and investigated, without full representation, at two in the morning when half the participants were falling asleep. It is supposed to be done by secret ballot, with other potential candidates being considered.


Red Flag #4

Despite a lawsuit and all the bad press and distractions, and despite the fact that the players he was supposed to represent were looking more and more stupid – Saskin refuses to step aside, even for a few weeks, and let some sort of fair process move forward. What the hell was he afraid of? Losing his position? But – I thought he was the best man for the job? Clown.


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