May 19, 2007

Dobber Sports


Tampa Bay signed goaltender Johan Holmqvist to a one-year deal. If he's not their backup, the team is in a lot of trouble next year. 


Enjoy the May 2-4 weekend, to my fellow Canadians. "May" you have many a "2-4"…


Those of you in America and elsewhere: "Ha Ha" (picture Nelson Munz's voice)


Ed Belfour is looking for a raise in salary in order to stay with the Panthers for next year. I would offer him the NHL min – take it or leave it. He'll take it, because nobody wants him. I'll throw in free bail for a year, just to give him an incentive to take the deal.


Hockey news is at it's dryest at this time of year. 


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Dan Cleary has six points in his last three contests.


The player that the 'Canes got from the Rangers in exchange for Brad Isbister was Jakub Petruzalek. The 'Canes signed him to a two-year deal. He was a ninth-round pick in 2004 and had 28 points in 54 games in the AHL, but he had four in five in the playoffs. He is a Sami Kapanen-type. Small, but skilled. If he gets to the NHL, he'll need to be a second liner.