June 9, 2007

Dobber Sports


Ottawa fans should thank their lucky stars they have Eugene Melnyk as an owner. A man after my own heart – owning a team for the love of the game and not caring if he loses money on them. If you're a billionaire…who cares if you lose $10 million? I'm just throwing numbers out there ignorantly, but you get the picture. Anyway, he has opened his wallet and has stated that if maxing the salary cap is what it takes for a Cup, then so be it. Beauty!

Adam Proteau is saying that the Leafs could actually be interested in acquiring Manny Fernandez. I'm not sure about this one. They overspend on defense and now they want to invest $6 million in goaltending between Raycroft and Fernandez. Not exactly the same value as Luongo. Although, Fernandez would be a fair upgrade to Rayzer. I guess JFJ trusts that the offense up front will be fine.

Bobby Allen is extremely interested in remaining with the Bruins. I think he will re-sign there.


The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the team is trying to Dick Tarnstrom back over here. He could potentially be their PP QB next year.


Lee Goren signed a contract to play in the Swedish Elite League. He never really cracked the NHL anyway.


The Ducks gave Travis Moen and George Parros contract extensions yesterday (two years). Both of them were a force in the postseason – Moen was a monster goal scorer, while Parros was absolutely fantastic at keeping the water bottles full. I kid, of course, but seriously – Parros has really helped the Ducks' porno movie sales. 

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It is looking more and more like Brett Hedican will be forced to retire from his hip condition. Doctors were not negative – but they were not positive either. I'm not confident that he will return. 


The Flyers signed Lars Jonsson to a contract, but it is a two-way deal so it looks like he may not be a regular in the lineup this season either.