July 7, 2007

Dobber Sports


Announcement (Friday) in the announcements section of the forum…


Greg Zanon and Vern Fiddler filed for arbitration. 


Lee Stempniak and Mike Cammalleri have filed for arbitration. If a player files for arbitration, they are not eligible to sign offer sheets from other teams. This will narrow Kevin Lowe's focus to either Dustin Penner or Zach Parise, if he plans to pull the ol' offer sheet stunt again. 


The Rangers are taking Henrik Lundqvist to arbitration, but will continue to negotiate with him. TSN is reporting that they are $12 million under the cap with Lundqvist, Shanahan, Avery and Hossa to sign, which will be tight, but they will be fine. The team taking Lundqvist to arbitration was a reactionary move, based on the fear of someone else signing him to an offer sheet (Kevin Lowe scared them with the Vanek thing). Taking him to arbitration, as I said, will protect them from offer sheets.


SPECTOR is reporting that the Sens are interested in signing Martin Gelinas. 


Interesting fact (not of fantasy significance, but hey – it's summer): Erik Christensen, when he played with Kamloops of the WHL, billeted with the same family that new Penguin Darryl Sydor lived with when he played for Kamloops. 


Igor Grigorenko's visa problems are causing more difficulty than expected. As such, he will miss Detroit's prospects camp and won't be available until training camp.

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The Stars have signed Toby Peterson and Brad Winchester. Neither is of fantasy consequence, although Winchester should be a regular on the third or fourth line.


Tampa Bay re-signed Mike Egener. The rearguard will have some value in penalty minutes only, but not next season.


Boston re-signed Bobby Allen. He is a fringe NHLer.


The Senators have signed UFA Denis Hamel, bringing him back into the fold. Tons of offense in the AHL, but has yet to do it in the NHL and has probably run out of time to do so.