July 6, 2007

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The Leafs have signed Scott Clemmenson. Is the writing on the wall for Andrew Raycroft? 


Announcement in the announcements section of the forum… 


Breaking news: The Sabres will match, according to the Buffalo News. 


The Edmonton Oilers have signed Thomas Vanek to an offer sheet worth $50 million over seveon seasons.  Wow!  This news is huge, and is clearly the result of the team getting shafted on so many free agent signing attempts. They have money to burn. Because the Sabres could not sign either Drury or Briere, they can afford to match. But do they want to? The NHL has a hard time having faith in a player after one good year. I don't. I have no problem with this. Although again, the term is a little long…but I can understand the desperation. If the Oilers get him, Ales Hemsky just became a 100-point guy again.


Dominik Hasek has signed on for another year with Detroit. This will put to rest those silly Raycroft rumors.


The Detroit News is also reporting that Igor Grigorenko is having visa problems and is having trouble getting out of Russia, as Detroit's prospect camp gets underway. He'll just be a little late, no biggie. Hell, I'm late with these ramblings! Other sources have reported that Grigorenko could receive more money in Russia, but is interested in making the NHL – money is not the driver. I also learned that his English is weak, and he is bringing his wife and child over. Sounds to me like he plans to make the team and stay in the league.


The Devils have signed Johnny "Oh, do ya?" to a one-year pact. 


Dan Ellis, who lost out to Mike Smith as the backup for Marty Turco last season, has signed on with the Preds. Now he can lose out to Pekka Rinne as a backup.

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The Preds also signed Shane Willis to a contract, although I don't see him making it as a regular.


Derek Roy and Nathan Paetsch are going to arbitration. Only 29 players in the NHL have filed and most will have come to an agreement on their own before the process gets underway.


The NY Islanders have signed Tim Jackman to a one-year contract. The tough guy will rack up the PIM's in the event that Chris Simon does not come back. If Simon does return, Jackman will be a minor leaguer.


Ivan Novoseltsev, a former Panther who was in the AHL last season, has signed on to go back to Russia.