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This is the best fantasy hockey site on the Internet. Sure, there are dozens of fantasy hockey sites out there, but the smaller ones shut down for the summer and/or let too many things slip through the cracks. The big ones? Well, they don't focus on fantasy hockey. They focus on fantasy football and fantasy baseball, while hockey is an afterthought. Often – you have to pay for a membership.

With DobberHockey, nothing falls through the cracks, there will be no football or baseball talk and as for buying a membership for your daily news? Don't be dumb.


Everything you need to run a winning fantasy squad is right here on this website. FREE. So…creating a Fantasy Hockey Guide to sell on this site (released August 1) that is up to these high standards is a pretty tall order. The tallest of orders. But guys:


Dobber has delivered.


While everyone else walks into your hockey draft with a store-bought magazine tucked under their arm and they all go out and draft from practically the same magazine, you will walk in with Dobber's Guide under your arm and an entirely new set of opinions – the right ones.

I do recommend picking up a magazine for historical stats (and even a second opinion). (Disclosure: I have an article in The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide called "The Contrarian Pick" (found on the inside back cover) and I also wrote extensively for this year's SCORE Hockey Forecaster Magazine…so buy one of those). But here is what you will get in my pool guide:

1. While I'm sure you want cover-to-cover Dobber, I did ask my columnists to contribute their own thoughts on sleepers, dark horses, decliners, veterans, PIM's, rookies, etc. The Pool Guide will open with their opinions – in case you wanted another one.

2. The team-by-team piece will come next. This is all me. Full predictions of over 700 players, PLUS several rookies and their odds of making it, PLUS several sleepers – how high they can go and my percentage confidence in them, PLUS line combos, PLUS PP info and notes that you won't find anywhere. CLICK HERE for a sample. The sample has portions blacked out – don't need the competitors getting any help!

3. A top rookie list

4. Your draft list

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