July 30, 2007

Dobber Sports


Just a reminder – make sure your Paypal email address is a current one when you make your purchase. I've just had another email bounce back when I tried to send the prospects report.


In the salary arbitration brief submitted by the Rangers, the team called Sean Avery a "detriment to the team" in that he takes too many "unnecessary penalties", but that he is a "reasonably effective" player. Avery, needless to say, is not happy. An unhappy Avery is something to watch, because he's a loose cannon in the best of times. 


Buffalo prospect Mikko Lehtonen has signed a deal to return and play in Finland this season.


Ditto for unrestricted free agent Jussi Markanen. The former Oiler goaltender has signed to play for Jokerit.


Slow slow day for hockey news, we have reached rock-bottom for the summer…



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