November 16, 2007

Dobber Sports



The Avs have recalled Brad Richardson. He had one point in three AHL contests.


Erik Cole has been placed on IR. He is eligible to return Nov.21. Andrew Ladd has been activated off of IR.


Don Waddell has announced that he will coach Atlanta for the rest of the season.


Jonas Hiller, obviously, has been recalled by the Ducks. 


Destinations for Bryzgalov that I can see:
Florida – as a backup and sub in for Vokoun's many injuries
Detroit – because Hasek's always hurt and Howard isn't ready
LA – because they don't have reliability at No.1 and they may want to stick it to ANA
Phoenix – I don't think they are in love with Auld/Tellqvist as their tandem
Toronto – just kidding. They would never admit that they have failed at something.
Washington – a bit of a longshot here, but he would be an upgrade to Johnson and would ease Kolzig's load. 

Pittsburgh  – the perfect guy to take the lead on Fleury, give him a push – just for one year, right?

Tampa Bay – cap constraints may make this tough, but they need a goalie to step up.

Discuss the Bryzgalov waiving here.  


Interesting decision. The Ducks must have given up trying to trade Bryzgalov because they have placed him on waivers. Stay tuned, he is bound to end up somewhere… 


I don't understand why the morons in the media and in the NHL offices keep beating the same dead mule with their ideas to increase scoring. Widen the nets? Smaller padding? How many times do we need to go down this road? If they had a brain in their head they would ask themself one simple question – when was scoring TOO MANY goals a problem and what was done to reduce scoring at the time? Find the answer to that question, and then reverse the rule changes that were made. Is that too simple? The answer, by the way, is the late 50's and the mid-80s. In the late 50's the Habs were scoring multiple goals on the power play so the NHL adopted a rule stating that only one goal can be scored per PP. In the mid-80's the Oilers were scoring tons of goals so the NHL adopted a rule stating that coincidental minors would be played out five-on-five. Just change one or both of those rules back and the problem is solved without changing the integrity of the game. Is that so difficult? Dobber for GM! Comment on this here.


Peter Chiarelli has gone on record as saying that Patrice Bergeron "could be out for the whole year".


Fernandez is still struggling with his ailing knee and the B's have not ruled out surgery. Stay tuned. 


To activate Berard in the Experts League, I needed to free up a roster spot. However, with Enstrom, Whitney, Poti, Wagner, Mara, Meszaros and Klesla all satisfying me of late – I had no place to put him. I'm pretty happy with my entire team, for that matter, having fought my way back up to fourth place. So I needed to try a two for one. I ended up offering Burnsy Mara and Penner for Milan Michalek. He turned it down, but countered Nagy instead of Penner. I accepted the deal. My defensemen are down 11 games so I