May 11, 2008

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Jere Lehtinen left last night's game with a leg injury. HNIC play-by -play man Jim Hughson thought it might be a head injury and that the Stars were perhaps covering, but I thought prior to the head shot Lehtinen's leg bent awkwardly. He is questionable for Monday, but I would suspect that we won't see him.


Mike Ribeiro does not deserve to be suspended. Chris Osgood does. In this man's controversial opinion, as a former goaltender I know, that tiny little shot to the chest with his stick would not have been felt at all. In fact, with a goalie's chest protector, you can two-hand me as hard as you can and it wouldn't hurt. Osgood went down like he was shot. If a suspension is handed out – which there should not be – then it should go to Osgood for being a clown. I lost some respect for a goalie who I was previously a big fan of. I don't even like Ribeiro, but I reeeeally dislike babies. Chris – man up and don't be a clown. See below for the clip.


Johan Franzen did not play last night because of post-concussion symptoms. He will also miss Monday's game. If he is out for the playoff, you may be able to sneak him in the draft later for next season.
Max Talbot may play today on his broken foot. He will be a game-time decision.


The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Steve Downie was practicing on the fourth line for the Flyers and he could be inserted back into the lineup.


Good news for Avs fans who like to see their team win. Bad news for Avs fans who like to see their team score. Pat Burns is a candidate to be the next coach. As a Torontonian, I can tell you that Burns' protect the 1-0 lead brand of hockey will put you to sleep. But it works for the first two seasons before the team stops buying into it. See the Habs, Leafs and Bruins for details.


Some news from the Boston Globe – Glen Murray underwent surgery to remove scar tissue from his ankle and apparently he played with it for most of the season, enduring pain. It will keep growing back as long as he plays, so don't count on Murray bouncing back to help you in your league.


Also, Tim Thomas sprained his MCL and is out for the World Championship. And why do some writers call it World Hockey Championships? It's not multiple tournaments. It's one tournament. It's the World Hockey Championship! (yes, I'm in a bad mood today, that Ribeiro/Osgood thing has me riled up haha)

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Is it just me, or does it seem like Evgeni Malkin really has the NHL solved now? He has found the secret and has grown accustomed to the style and speed of the league and now he's just making it his bitch. If so, look for 140 points or more next season. When Sidney Crosby finds the secret, this team will be unstoppable.


Uh oh – Detroit has signed the Finnish League's second leading scorer Ville Leino to a one-year deal. Sounds like they want him to come over and see how he can do in the NHL. Never drafted, the 24-year-old had 77 points in 55 games for Jokerit. Teammates included Tommi Santala, Jani Rita and Jussi Markkanen. Put him down as