June 8, 2008

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Cliff Fletcher confirmed that Ron Wilson has verbally accepted the job as coach of the Leafs. 


Ron Wilson is closing in on an agreement with the Leafs and he will apparently be announced as coach on Tuesday. The contract will be for several years, so that Wilson has a chance to coach the team when it actually becomes good again. Brian Burke is the Godfather of Ron Wilson's daughter (the two were roommates in college), and the fact that the Leafs are hiring a coach before a GM (generally looked upon as a no-no), it would seem likely that they have already hired their GM in secret. To protect that potential GM's anonymity, we'll call him "B. Burke". Naw, that's too obvious. We'll call him "Brian B."


Branko Radivojevic has signed to play in the RSL next season.


Timofei Shishkanov won't be coming back to St. Louis this year either. He has signed with SKA St. Petersburg of the RSL

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SPECTOR speculates on the notion of Nigel Dawes receiving an offer sheet this summer, the Rangers bringing Josef Melichar back to the NHL, and Mats Sundin being traded for a small return so that he can openly negotiate with another team.


SPECTOR also make in interesting statement that Jaroslav Halak may be after more playing time and could be off to Europe. Ditto for Mikhail Grabovski.