Detroit Signs Hossa

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 Marian Hossa


Marian Hossa has signed a one-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings for $7.4 million.




The money is low because Detroit will not pay anyone more than they pay Nik Lidstrom. Hossa took that money with the idea that he would win the Stanley Cup (on a personal note, Hossa's odds were better in Pittsburgh, where they certainly would have paid him that money. Statistically – the odds of a team repeating as champions are pretty slim. Just one year ago, most experts were certain that Anaheim would repeat – and prior to that, Carolina was the team to beat!).


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This will give the Wings a huge scoring threat on the second line. As long as Babcock doesn't split Datsyuk and Zetterberg again, then Valterri Filpulla will be the big winner here.


Hossa is rated a "hold": 78-92 points.
Filppula is rated a "buy": 53-64 points