NHL Free Agents – Who’s Left and What to Watch For

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 Alexei Yashin


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A lot of money has been committed to players over the last week, but there is still a rather lengthy list of players still unsigned. Unfortunately for poolies, the pickings are rather slim in terms of players who could suddenly shoot up in value if they sign with the right team. Here are some quick one-offs on what to expect from the players still on the market…


Pavol Demitra – It’s been five years (and three teams) since he’s crossed the 64-point threshold. In the right situation, he may get 70 points in 70 games, but he is too fragile to expect more – no matter where he plays.

Jason Williams – He is just entering his prime, but doesn’t not have the foot speed to ever get 65 points. He needs top six minutes to be of any value so it is important that he sign with the right team. If he does, then expect 60.

Brendan Morrison – He peaked at 71 points and needs a star on his wing to be productive. Ideally for poolies, he would sign with a team that has four strong wingers and a No.1 center. If so, then 65 points is feasible.

Jaromir Jagr – He has signed a “letter of intent” to play for Omsk in the KHL, but is that just posturing? All he wants is a two-year deal and with the right NHL team he still has another 85-point season in him. The playoffs showed that much. Right now he could be had for a song in your keeper league.

Todd Bertuzzi – He’ll never play 70 games again, which means getting 60 points is doubtful – on any team.

Jan Hlavac – Last season he proved that he is a third-line guy at best. Upside: 45 points.

Aleksey Morozov – The only way he would come over from the KHL is if a team was crazy enough to pay him $4 million. However, if Jeff Finger can approach that number, maybe an NHL team would give Morozov the same. With a big contract like that, he would get first-line minutes, which would mean a point per game.

Mats Sundin – He’ll get 80 points this year if he signs with a team…unless that team is Vancouver. The Sedin twins failed to reach the mark last season, so everyone will fail, barring a coaching change.

Ladislav Nagy – Supreme talent, but notoriously lazy and somewhat injury prone. He would get more money in Europe so you may not see him in the NHL again. If you do, don’t count on 60 points.

Alexei Yashin – He’s expressed interest in returning to the NHL and in the right situation can get you 65 points. See Morrison above for the “right situation”.

Jozef Stumpel – The aging forward has run out of 50-point seasons.

Joe Sakic – He’ll only play for one team, or he’ll retire. If he plays, expect 70 to 75 points.

David Vyborny – Signed to play in the Czech League, his NHL days are done for good.

Martin Straka – Apparently he has an agreement in place in the Czech League if no NHL team comes calling. If he does play for another year, the right situation could still see him get into the low 60s.

Teemu Selanne – He’ll only play for one team, or he’ll retire. If he plays, expect 70 to 75 points.

Peter Forsberg – If he plays, it will be for Colorado and you would be silly to expect 50 games, therefore don’t expect 45 points.

Sergei Fedorov – In Washington, he’ll get 50 to 55 points. Anywhere else, 40 points.

Mark Recchi – A team desperate for offense could get 55 points out of Recchi, but if he goes to the wrong team they may tire of his defensive deficiencies. That could lead to a Brett-Hull-in-Phoenix type of retirement.

Brendan Shanahan – New Jersey is said to be courting him. He could surprise with another healthy season and 55 points. He’s not one you could count out.

Oleg Saprykin – Comfortable in Russia, I doubt he will come over again. He never did show off his vast potential here.

Unrestricted free agents who never had fantasy value, or their time is now up in fantasy leagues:
Mike Peca, Kyle Calder, Bryan Berard, Owen Nolan, Darren Haydar, Chris Gratton, Mark Popovic, Steve McCarthy, Brad Isbister, Mike Johnson, Martin Lapointe and Geoff Sanderson.



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