July 15, 2008

Dobber Sports



Martin Hanzal will have surgery this week on a herniated disk in his back. He will reportedly have enough time to recover and rehab by the start of training camp. Kudos to MikeD in the forum for digging this up.


The Penguins have signed unrestricted free agent Bill Thomas. As a goal-scoring winger, he has now attracted my interest. Thomas is a Pittsburgh native.


The Pens have also re-signed Kris Beech and Ryan Stone to one-year deals.


The Anaheim Ducks acquired a good one in Joakim Lindstrom, a player who is ready for full time NHL duty. They gave up a conditional draft pick to the Blue Jackets. The Ducks are actually not very deep in skilled forwards and they have a lot riding on Bobby Ryan stepping up. Well, now they have Lindstrom who could also step in with 45 points. One of he and Ryan Carter will surprise.


The Rangers have signed Dan Fritsche to a contract. He will be a third line forward capable of jumping up on the second line when needed, but injuries will hold him from doing anything very fantasy worthy this year.


St. Louis have signed a pair of depth forwards in Steve Regier and Cam Paddock.


Dallas Drake has announced his retirement.


Joe DiPenta has signed to play in the SEL


Colorado did a lot of housework yesterday, re-signing goaltenders Tyler Weiman and Jason Bacashihua and prospects Darcy Campbell and Philippe Dupuis, as well as tough guy Codey McLeod. They also signed minor leaguer Aaron MacKenzie (defenseman) as a UFA.


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I think I mentioned this last week, but now TSN is reporting it – Matt Foy has signed with the Blues, where there may be some more room for him. The Blues also re-signed Jay McClement.


The Leafs picked up Ryan Hollweg for a fifth rounder, precisely what they got for Wade Belak. I know Fletcher loves all the hitting that he runs around doing, but frankly I would rather have the toughest NHLer in the league sitting at the end of my bench. So yes, I would rather have Belak. I would also have rather signed Vrbata than Hagman, and promoted from within vs. Jeff Finger. I would have drafted Filatov over Schenn, too. Dobber for GM!


The Blue Jackets signed Craig MacDonald to a one-year deal and they re-signed Derek McKenzie. Both are two-way deals.


The Hurricanes re-signed minor leaguers Joe Jensen, Mark Flood, and Pat Dwyer.


The Sharks re-signed minor leaguers Brad Staubitz and Tom Cavanagh.


The Preds have signed UFA Joel Ward, who could add size to their fourth line, or play in the minors.


According to the Dispatch, the NHL rejected Nikita Filatov's contract because of wording in "schedule A bonuses". The wording was amended and sent back to the NHL, where approval is expected today. The rejection had nothing to do with CSKA Moscow claiming that his rights are still owned by them.