July 25, 2008

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Angus here.


Glen Murray has cleared waivers and will be bought out. San Jose may be a good fit for him, as it would allow him to re-unite with his buddy Joe.


Colin Wilson will return to BU for at least one more season. At least he didn't follow Radulov to the KHL!


This just in: Mats Sundin is hoping to be able to make a decision sometime between now and October. I can't reveal anything else… 


Mikael Backlund has dominated at Flames camp. He definitely will be on the big club, as it won't be hard to outperform slugs like Bertuzzi. He could ovetake Lombardi for the second line gig.


Steve Bernier has been working out with Canucks new head of player development Dave Gagner (Sam's father) at his facility in Ontario. The big winger is a top breakout candidate.


Matthew Corrente has been impressive at the Devils prospect camp. Word is that he will be on the club starting this season.

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In a swap of players too good for the AHL, but stuck on rosters that they can never crack, the Bruins have sent Pascal Pelletier to Chicago for Martin St. Pierre. Unless St. Pierre moves to the wing and outplays Schaefer, he won't even crack the third line. St. Pierre was second in the AHL in points, despite playing five NHL games and starting the season off in Russia. Pelletier was ninth in AHL scoring and is a natural winger, and he played six NHL games. To be honest, St. Pierre probably improved his chances because the 'Hawks have so many offensively talented kids on their way.


The Boston Globe beatwriters have Wheeler and Soderberg both pencilled in to play for Providence this season. That strikes me as weird because I figured that was why Wheeler agreed to sign with them… and I also figured that Soderberg will go home (Sweden) if he doesn't make the squad.


Kevin Dallman has signed to play over in the KHL.


Ditto for Magnus Johansson (KHL)