July 29, 2008

Dobber Sports



According to a translation of an article in allhockey.ru, Alexei Yashin has re-signed a deal with Yaroslav Lokomotiv of the KHL. Do not expect him back in the NHL. Thanks to fzusher in our forum for pointing the way.


Nashville's Colin Wilson, ranked 134 on my Fantasy Prospects List, has opted to return to Boston University for another year instead of turning pro. 


The Sens re-signed goaltender Jeff Glass to a one-year deal.


From the Tennessean: The Predators are hoping for further clarification regarding forward Alexander Radulov, who signed a three-year deal to play in Russia earlier this month despite having a year left on his contract with Nashville. The International Ice Hockey Federation is investigating the situation, as well as the contract status of five other players in dispute between the NHL and Russia's Continental Hockey League. All parties have been asked to submit relevant information to the IIHF by Thursday.


Shaone Morrisson was awarded a one-year deal worth just under $2 million. Apparently, the Caps were pretty hard on him in the proceedings, calling him "one dimensional". 


The Bruins re-signed Nate Thompson and newly acquired Martin St. Pierre. 


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