July 28, 2008

Dobber Sports



Tampa Bay signed Steven Stamkos to a three-year deal worth just over $3.5 million per season if he reaches his bonuses. I expect him to tally around 70 points this season.


The Panthers have signed Jay Bouwmeester to a one-year deal worth $4.875 million. Now that his salary is established, they can move him.


The Rangers have signed Fredrik Sjostrom to a contract. 


Former King Scott Thornton has announced his retirement.


These are the 'Dog Days' of hockey. I'm finding nothing…the Isles have interviewed John Tortorella for their coaching position, and they plan to interview Mike Sullivan. I don't know if anyone can coach this team as well as Ted Nolan did.


Jay Bouwmeester is said to be on the trading block, but the rumored Flyers destination is a silly one. Besides the fact that I think the Flyers are fine… they can't afford Bouwmeester. Look at Wade Redden's salary this year… and think about what Bouwmeester would command next summer as a UFA. That's what the Flyers would have to cough up to sign him long term. No…think of another team. But I think he'll be moved. I honestly believe that Ballard is a Bouwmeester-light. He can do everything JBo can and with 90 or 95% of the efficiency/skill. I think the Panthers made the Jokinen deal with that mind, and will now use JBo to replace Jokinen with a similarly less-proven but decent-potential forward.


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Nice Filatov goal: