August 18, 2008

Dobber Sports



Decided not to ramble yesterday because I got back later in the day and, it being a Sunday in mid-August, there was really nothing to talk about. Other than the Mats Sundin to New York rumor, that is. But if you have been reading me long, you will know that I'm not big on reporting rumors that are heavily and over-reported. If it's an interesting rumor that hasn't been done to death, then I'll mention it. But Sundin this summer – and Forsberg back in the winter – has had one rumor after another. It turns out, the Sundin to New York rumor was later bunked by his agent. So we're back to square one. I just wanted to explain why DobberHockey is slow on the uptake with the Sundin "news". Tomorrow if it's reported that he is close to signing with Montreal, I won't mention it here because by tomorrow night that rumor will be disproved as well.


Whoops, here we go – Radulov's already been brainwashed by the new league. "(The) NHL for 15 years brought young players from Europe, first and foremost from Russia,'' Radulov said, according to "I think that it is time to end this. Simply put: time to stop robbing us!" It sounds like Rads is done with the NHL forever. He's burning his bridges…


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The Boston Globe is reporting that Carl Soderberg will remain in Sweden this season. He wants one more season in Sweden and is adamant that he will cross the pond next year and make an immediate impact.