September 2, 2008

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Ryan Shannon trade breakdown is posted. Also, I updated the preseason draft list – Selanne and Sakic added, Radulov removed, plus all the other updated players such as Meszaros, Shannon, etc. Pick it up in your Downloads section if you bought the guide.


My regular Hockey News columns will resume next week – Tues/Thurs for the column, Wed for the mailbag. 


As mentioned here a couple of days ago, yesterday was the big deadline for a couple of things in the NHL. First, the Bryan McCabe deal will now go through now that he has been paid his bonus by the Leafs. He will be traded to Florida for Mike Van Ryn in a deal that will be announced later today (11am ET to be exact).


Over in Nashville, the deadline has come and gone and there has apparently been no contact from the Radulov camp. The Preds are expected to announce suspending him for the season later today.


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Tampa prospect Alexander Polushin has signed to play for Krylia Sovetov of the KHL.


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