Top 10 Keeper League Players

Jeff Angus


 sid evgeni


There always seem to be a handful of threads over on the forums asking the question – who do you think the top 10 keeper league players are? The list below is for standard rotisserie or head-to-head leagues, with no cap. The cap is an interesting option, but it changes these leagues big time. Patrick Kane becomes a top 10 player because of his entry level deal, and someone like Vincent Lecavalier may slip a bit. Let’s get to the list…


1. Sidney Crosby | C Pittsburgh Penguins. Crosby is an obvious choice here. He is the best player on the planet at the age of 21, and he has a ton of room to grow. His upside is probably 160-170 points, and he won’t ever dip below 115 unless he gets hurt. Do not trade him unless you are getting at least two players from this list. (And even then ask for more!)

2. Alex Ovechkin | LW Washington Capitals. Ovechkin is a rotisserie monster, putting up a ton of shots, decent PIM totals, and goals a plenty. He is going to be the consensus number two pick for the next decade in basically any league. Not much else to write that you don’t already know.

3. Evgeni Malkin | C Pittsburgh Penguins. Malkin will lose is LW eligibility on Yahoo this season, which sucks for me. He is a dominant force who at his best can even overshadow Crosby in Pittsburgh. Expect to see a lot of 100+ point seasons from him for a long time. Again, with these top three there isn’t a ton to write.

4. Roberto Luongo | G Vancouver Canucks. Luongo is the best goalie on the planet (debatable) who is going to play a lot of games (not debatable). He is a workhorse who thrives playing in 75+ games. Vancouver will be much better this season with a fresh start after the retirement of Linden and the departures of Morrison and Naslund. Look for Luongo to return to his 2006-2007 form that saw him narrowly lose the Hart (to Crosby) and Vezina (to Brodeur).

5. Dany Heatley | LW/RW Ottawa Senators. Heatley produces as a very consistent rate for such a prolific scorer. He is almost assured to get 50 goals and 100 points if he plays a full season. He is still young and is expected to carry the Senators along with Jason Spezza. Heatley is a pure sniper who can score goals from anywhere in the offensive zone – he basically shoots any puck he gets on his stick. Grab him to solidify your wing position as he is definitely the best bet after the big four are gone.

Here is where it gets interesting…

6. Dion Phaneuf | D Calgary Flames. Phaneuf is far and away the best keeper league defenseman to own, which makes him a worthwhile first round pick. H