September 06, 2008

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Ken Campbell reports that the KHL has withdrawn their grievance regarding Filatov, Tikhonov, F. Fedorov, Krog and Mojzis. Furthermore, they have agreed to have the Radulov dispute settled by a third party. You can read the full article HERE . This is a big turn of events and instead of the odds of Radulov returning at 0% this season… I now give it 3%. Hey – better than nothing!


Zdeno Chara is recovering on schedule from his shoulder surgery. He will probably miss the majority of training camp, but should be ready for the season's Game 1.


The Fantasy Guide has been updated as of yesterday. Tell me something – does that fantasy hockey magazine that you saw at the newsstand have the fantasy repercussions of the Meszaros trade or the McCabe trade? Adjustments in the projections for McCabe, Van Ryn, Kubina, Ballard, Carle, Picard and Meszaros? The answer is no, because those magazines went to print in the middle of July. How do I know this? I wrote for two of them. Open up The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide and flip to the back page. The article there, The Contrarian Pick, was written by Darryl Dobbs. Now open up the Score Forecaster to the contens page and look at the list of contributors. There's that name again, Mr. Dobbs – aka Dobber. So now you know you can trust my reputation and experience. Spend the 10 bucks, it will be well worth it. SEE HERE for more details.


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