January 16, 2009

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Shea Weber missed last night's contest with a foot injury. He blocked a shot Tuesday and is questionable for this weekend.


The Isles have re-signed Wade Dubielewicz. I'm going to leave that one alone. But I will say he is their No.1 goalie now while the other two are hurt.


Benoit Pouliot was sent to the minors. According to the Star-Tribune, he stormed out of the locker room after hearing the news. He lost his spot to Krys Kolanos.


There was a time when Kolanos was every bit as hyped as Pouliot – but he had back-to-back injury-filled seasons and his career was derailed. If that happens to a proven player, then his career is still fine – but if it happens to a rookie, then it is devestating. Kolanos had an impressive 22 points in 57 games as a freshman, but was then injured and missed most of the next season as well. Since then, he could never find his stride but has been a point-per-game AHL player. Anyway, but for a single twist of fate (his injury), he could have been a solid fantasy hockey player. I believe that many stars and many busts are decided by the most subtle things. I'm rambling here, but this is the "ramblings" so screw it – here's an example: what if Chicago did not claim Steve Sullivan off of waivers from Toronto? He was a small player stuck on the third line. I think he would have gone to the minors and been the next Brandon Reid (or today's Ryan Shannon?). But the Hawks claimed him and he became a star. What if the Kings figured Luc Robitaille was so slow that instead of watching him for 15 minutes of ice time during that initial scrimmage, they only gave him nine minutes? The potential snowball affect would have been massive – from scoring two fewer goals in that scrimmage to later getting cut from the team, to losing confidence, to never getting on track, etc. I could go on and on with examples of busts who, had they been on the right team at the right time may have blossomed into superstars (remember Lonny Bohonos? Simon Gamache?)…and stars who flourished thanks to the circumstance of that one year (Ray Sheppard? Mike Knuble?). My take.

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Claude Giroux played 13:05 and was a minus-1 in his return to the Flyers lineup.


Rob Blake left last night's game in the first period after taking a Phaneuf shot off the face. This sounds like a potential concussion and it sounds serious – stay tuned.