The 10 Most Notorious Streaky Players

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They make you pull your hair out. They also make you overtake the leader in your fantasy league. Come to think of it, they also make you lose that insurmountable lead that they got you just weeks later.


There are all kinds of streaky players. There are players with constant three-game spurts followed by a handful of pointless games, or players who give you nice and measurable 10-game runs that go hot and cold, hot and cold. There are the ‘marathon’ streaky players who tease you for 25 games of absolutely off-the-wall production, but then disappear, never to be seen from again.

The important thing is to label them for what they are. Just because Player X picked up 29 points in his last 23 games, that does not mean that he is a 100-point player, now or in the future, if he is a streaky player. In fact, he may not even be a 70-point player, which sounds odd considering he just posted 29 in 23. If you know your players, you won’t be dazzled by the hot (or cold – because it works both ways) phases.

Here are the 10 that come to mind when I think of the word “streaky”:

10. Antti Miettinen, Minnesota – There was a three-week span last year in Dallas (13 points in 10) where you figured this guy could be an 80-point player. This was reiterated when he kicked off this campaign with his new team by tallying seven points in three contests. But he has had just 35 in 65 since then – and that included another three-game run of seven points and a three-game run of five points. Miettinen gets his points in ‘spurts’.

9. Cory Stillman, Florida – He started 2007-08 with 34 points in 26 games and was among the league leaders. He had 31 more points the rest of the way. That’s a long streak for him, as his M.O. is generally a streak of eight to 12 games. He had nine points in eight games to start this year, and he had 13 points in 11 games starting in late January. You will never see him hit 80 points again, but you will see two or three of those 10-game spurts each season.

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