Top 100 Roto Players – February

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Rotisserie owners rejoice, here is a comprehensive list of the top 50 fantasy hockey roto performers through March 1st and my debut article for


In order to establish a ranking the yahoo default league scoring has been used to judge who had the best roto performance among all NHL players through March

Skaters : Goals/Assists/Plus-Minus/Power Play Points/PIMS/Shots on Goal
Goaltenders : Wins/Goals Against Average/Save Percentage/Shutouts

Now these rankings are not on a projected basis or positional importance. They are based on who actually performed the best in the roto categories amongst all NHL skaters through the first five months of the season.

The 2009 season has been a slugfest between Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin as they have occupied the top two positions for four of the five months. The changing of the guard is also in full swing as seven of the top ten were players drafted after 2003. Names like Getzlaf, Perry and Parise have replaced legends Sakic, Iginla and Brodeur at the top of the list. It has also marked the year of the backup goaltender as players like Pekka Rinne, Tim Thomas, Scott Clemmensen and Craig Anderson have made appearances.

Please remember this is the result of weighing all categories equally, which rotisserie rankings do. Being number one in goal scoring is the same as being number one in penalty minutes. The top 100 favors skaters as they occupy 60 percent of the scoring categories, but dominant goaltenders are recognized.



On to the top 50

1. Evgeni Malkin – Pittsburgh Penguins – C
After chasing the top spot for four months Evgeni Malkin finally supplants Ovechkin for the number one ranking. Malkin has been spectacular all season and as a six category stud has remained remarkably consistent. Although he trails Ovechkin badly in SOG, his 25 assist advantage pushed him just past the Great Eight into first for March. This battle is so tight it will likely not be settled until Game 82. I don’t think an ugly contest could seperate these two.

2. Alexander Ovechkin – Washington Capitals – LW
After a slow start to the season Ovechkin caught fire in November and it lead him to a 3 month reign at the top of my rotisserie rankings. Although he was finally displaced in February, Ovechkin did not go down with a whimper, his monster offensive month included 19