Slow News Day – Ramble – May 17, 2009

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Damien Cox has an interesting take on the latest Balls vs. Betts battle, as well as some new information that I didn't yet know.


Erik Christensen will undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder. He will be sidelined until September.


Manitoba won its ninth straight game yesterday, topping Houston in the AHL semi-final. Cody Hodgson had his first AHL assist Friday in his first pro game and he scored his first goal yesterday. The No.4 prospect on my list is a lock to make the jump the next season and should make a strong debut – as many as 65 points if the Canucks don't get too deep this offseason via free agency. His upside is not as high as many think, however. He'll start pretty high because he is just that ready, but in the long run his peak is limited to about 85 points. You can read all about him in the upcoming Fantasy Prospects Report – out in two weeks!


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Yes, it's one of several fantasy hockey lulls that we have throughout the summer. The biggest lull – and I'm an expert at the timing of this by now – is about 10 days spanning the end of August with the start of September. And then, suddenly, things explode.Here's some Calder Cup highlights, including Hodgson's goal: