Ericsson not targeted – May 31, 2009

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Ha – according to Sentium in the comments below, Swedish reporters were told by Ericsson that he was speared a few times during the game. So my little pot-stirring rant below has been bunked. That's actually my point – if players don't target a known injury in an important game, then players don't target injuries. Since we (unofficially, but I accept it as fact) now know that this player was targeted, thennot disclosing injuries is acceptable to me.


Note to all NHL GM's and coaches: I never again want to hear "upper body injury", "lower body injury" or "undisclosed injury". Why? Because your excuse of "the players will target the injured area" has just been bunked. Hear me out. If it were true that players target injuries, then the most obvious candidate for a likely attempt would be a) in a Stanley Cup Final (check); b) in an easy place to target (check); c) easily bothered (check). So, if that were the case, then explain why nobody was grabbing at Jonathan Ericsson's lower torso last night. It was well known to all that he had an appendectomy three days ago. Wouldn't that fresh cut, no matter how small, be easy to grab or punch during a scrum? That's it, you're proven wrong – now start disclosing injuries you clowns.


How you can tell that a goalie is good or now: just go by your feelings. If the Pens set up in Detroit's zone and get off a nice shot and you are confident that Osgood will save it, then Osgood is pretty good – and/or he is in a zone. If the Red Wings set up in Pittsburgh's zone and you feel like either the defenseman needs to block it or it's going in, then Fleury is weak and/or in a cold spell. That's how I felt last night.


As expected, the Flames signed Kyle Greentree to a contract extension. Sutter really likes him and if he becomes the coach, then expect Greentree to put up offense similar to what Bourque and Glencross did last year.


Here is an interesting interview with potential Top 5 pick MPS (Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson).

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I'll keep this short again – the Fantasy Prospects Report is out TOMORROW. Early afternoon Monday, Christmas will arrive! Pick it up in your "Downloads" section right here on this site.


Crosby's post game (stutter- streaming, can't be helped)