Give Garon a shot? June 07, 2009

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Datsyuk on one foot earned two assists last night and played nearly 18 minutes. He did not see any time at all shorthanded and he did not take any draws in the defensive zone (and just five overall). His first assist was on the opening goal of the game and took the wind out of Pittsburgh's sails – until that point, the Pens were dominant.


Not once in this series, or in the one against the Caps, did I feel confident that Fleury was going to make the save. When the Wings or Caps brought it into the PIT zone, a d-man either had to block it or the shot would have to be right at MAF's body. When Garon went in last night to replace him, it felt different. When the Wings brought it into the zone, I felt certain that Garon would stop it. I feel that way about Osgood and felt that way about Varlamov. I just see Fleury go down to often and I think he's been too slow to get back up. None of this matters though, because he'll be back in net for Game 6 and because it's in Pittsburgh he'll get the win (the home team has won all five games). Since he'll get the win, there is little doubt that he'll start Game 7. However, I can't help but wonder if that confidence I felt with Garon is just a false feeling on my part, or if he really is in "the zone". 


Here is the latest in the Balls vs. Betts case in the Toronto Star . Also included in this article is a pdf copy of the NHL's constitution (never before seen). In that constitution, among other things, is the ability of any team to veto any decision that would bring another team into their territory.

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