Battle of the Scouting Departments – Part 1 of 5.

Stuart McDonald




With the draft coming up, most people tend to focus on who is being drafted and have considerably less knowledge about who is doing the drafting. Many of the organizations have changed over the last few years, however, I plan to single out the decision makers on each team and see how they've done recently. I'm going to focus on the most recent drafts (2005-2008) only. The teams will be listed in alphabetical order and ranked from A+ to F. The Top 15 teams are graded between an A+ to a C+, while the bottom 15 receive a C to an F. The teams are presented in alphabetical order with four articles each to be published prior to the draft. Please note: This is not an assessment of each team's current prospects but an examination of the people currently doing the drafting and how well each of those people have done in recent drafts.


Anaheim Ducks (D)

Draft day decision makers: Because former General Manager (GM) Brian Burke is now with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ducks personnel will be more difficult to evaluate. Luckily, the Ducks hired from within, promoting the former Senior Vice President (SVP) of Hockey Operations Bob Murray. Not only does Murray have a strong scouting background, he has been with the club over the last four years and had a strong relationship with Burke. David McNab, current SVP of Operations, is another scouting veteran with a strong background in the NCAA.

The Director of Amateur Scouting is Martin Madden and the Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting is Alain Chainey. Madden, formerly an amateur scout for the Carolina Hurricanes scored a major promotion moving to Anaheim after the 2008 draft. It's unsure how much input Chainey, Ducks Amateur Scouting Director since 1996, will have in the upcoming draft, however, Chainey's track record isn't stellar. Carolina's picks in each year will be given a cursory examination given Madden's background with the team and his apparent success. There has been considerable turnover among Anaheim's amateur scouts over the last five seasons.   

2005 – Anaheim picked Bobby Ryan with the second overall pick which looks pretty good given how difficult it is to find with someone of his skill set. Ryan is largely a Burke pick, however, as Burke was impressed with Ryan's in