Balsillie may be priced out – June 11, 2009

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Dallas has indeed hired Marc Crawford as a head coach. From a fantasy standpoint, I don't see this helping the offense too much – but it will a bit. Between the pipes, however, I think this could hurt. Turco owners should consider investigating the market for him.


I'm starting to think that Jim Balsillie will win his case in court and could bring the team to Hamilton in 2010-11. However, I'm also thinking that the relocation fee will end up being in the neighborhood of $50 million and the indemnity fee will be $50 million to Toronto and $30 million to Buffalo… and that could give a gross cost for the team that will be too rich for Balsillie's blood. The NHL should have done this in the first place.


I don't deserve this, but am grateful nonetheless. I have been nominated for one of Hockey Barn's "Hockey New Media Awards ". The award is called "Glenn Anderson Leadership in Writing Award", which is awarded to the writer who demonstrates a desire to help build and grow the popularity of ice hockey across the globe. Ironically, the two writers I am up against are Justin Goldman, our own School of Block writer, for his contributions with The Hockey Guild , and friend of DobberHockey Jon Press, aka JP of Japer's Rink . Glen Anderson himself presents the award to the winner. Leadership? Me? I am who I am (which is often an idiot), but I do give myself credit for surrounding myself with great people. That's the key to looking good ;)


I had personally submitted nominations for several of the DobberHockey writers, but it wasn't enough to garner final consideration for any of the other four awards. Perhaps if I posted a link to the ballots here, we could have drummed up more support for the likes of Angus, Miller, Ma, Bugg, et al! Next year I will, because they deserve to be recognized.

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More to come throughout the day – any news from yesterday…I pretty much covered yesterday.