Adds to the Prospect Report – June 12, 2009

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The blogosphere is going nutty about a possible deal involving Pronger going to the Kings in exchange for JJ and the fifth overall pick. The Kings are flush with picks and young talent so they can pay this price, but I think they should stay the course. If it pans out, I'll give you my take.


Elliott Friedman has confirmed (via Twitter – if you haven't added him, or me for that matter – do so) that Satan is indeed in the lineup tonight.


Dobber Nation, normally scheduled for the 25th of every month, will be pushed back this month to the 29th – this way, we can capture the happenings at the Draft and set up the July 1st free agency season. So far we already have two guests confirmed: Matt Bugg, who will give you the fantasy implication of some of the recent draftees; and Lyle "Spector" Richardson, the man behind, the premier hockey rumor site in my books. Obviously, with Spector, we couldn't possibly do any better than this guy for setting up which players are going where when the bell rings on July 1st.


The Canucks are rumored to have signed winger Sergei Shirokov to a contract. The 23-year-old is ranked 122 in the latest rankings, due to his previously low odds of coming over. This new twist would easily push him up into the top 70 or higher. Depending on who the 'Nucks bring in over the summer, the team could really use him in their top six. He led Moscow in scoring with 41 points and his 24 assists in a league that doesn't give them out easily is pretty impressive. Upside in the 70s.


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As part of the June 14 final release of the Prospects Report , besides an additional 60 profiles of draftees added and Bugg's annual mock draft, profiles for Shirokov, Jamie McBain and Yanick Weber have been added.


Interesting note – with the recession and all the cutbacks in the print media – Detroit newspapers all cut home delivery on Saturdays about three months ago. If you live in Detroit and want read about any Cup wins (or losses), you will need to go online, or go to the corner store!


ESPN is going to start charging for its "insider" section. Word is that they believe that digging up trade rumors and little stats and information about different sports from newspapers across the country is unique and deserves payment. It is unique – just like all the other sites that do that. Backwards dinosaur thinking will have the boss out of a job. When the recession ends, online advertising is the way to go. Only a few people will pay for a site – if they truly care about it. But otherwise, the Internet is so large that a lot of it can be found for free. That's why my site is free and the only thing I charge for are my guides &#