Happy Father’s Day – June 21, 2009

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Happy Father's Day! Today, you dads should be given the leeway to peruse all the hockey sites you want ;). It's my first Father's Day, so I'm enjoying the royal treatment.


I have updated the Prospects Report – pick 103 (around there) in the mock (Stastny) had a "see profile" note, but we didn't have a profile. So rather than send you to a profile that didn't exist, we put in some reasoning. Hopefully, this thing is updated for good now.


The Molson brothers have reached an agreement to buy the Montreal Canadiens. With all the players who are turning UFA and the likelihood of loosening purse strings, this will be a whole new team in the fall. Let's hope they won't be what the Lightning were last year. I'm sure Jacques Martin would never allow that to happen though.


Upcoming on DobberHockey:

– Matt Bugg will host another Q&A hour in the forum on Monday afternoon at 3pm ET.

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– He will also host a TWO-HOUR session Thursday afternoon, which will be gold for keeper leaguers looking to get fully prepared and educated for Friday's Draft

– Stuart McDonald will LIVE BLOG his thoughts on the First Round – the impact of the player on his new team, how far away from cracking the roster he'll be, what his potential is, etc.

– Dobber Nation will be up on June 29 instead of June 25 this month to capture draft results and set up free agency. Confirmed guests so far are Lyle "Spector" Richardson and Matt Bugg.