50 Goalie Prospects to Ponder (Part II)

Justin Goldman




I can’t even begin to explain how tough it was to rank the final 25 keeper league goalie prospects in my first-ever “Top-50” list. I could have easily tossed in another 20-25 legitimate prospects, but cuts had to be made. Not every goalie prospect in the world can be considered a legitimate keeper, but almost every goalie on this list could be ranked higher or lower, depending on your own personal preference.


That’s probably the only thing you should keep in mind as you read through my thoughts on these prospects. They are all very young and in the very early stages of their professional careers. Only a few of them are over 20 years old and that makes this all the more difficult.

Nevertheless, I think Dobber Nation now has a very solid list to work from when it comes to drafting your goaltenders. From a goalie analyst perspective (not a fantasy guru like Dobber), please be aware of my own personal influences on what makes a prospect so valuable and what trends result in success at the NHL level. Combined with Dobber’s Prospects Guide (which is sheer gold, btw), this should be one of the best free sources available on the internet.

Also, please leave your comments and suggestions below, as this is my first real, hardcore attempt at ranking the Top-50 keeper league prospects. Plans for next year’s list include spacing it out over the course of four weeks, so that I have more time to compile information and I don’t get overwhelmed with 25 prospects at a time.

But hey, when I’m asked by a Dobber follower to make something happen, you can always expect quality results from The Goalie Guild, so enjoy this list and keep those goalie questions coming! In fact, for those that are interested in talking a little bit of goaltending during the first round of the NHL Entry Draft, visit www.thegoalieguild.com/chat and join us on Friday night! Who knows, maybe Olivier Roy will end up being chosen in the first round!


Numbers 1-25



Poised to be the first goalie chosen in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Roy has already exceeded most expectations laid before him. In two full seasons with Cape Breton, Roy continued to improve in all areas of the game, despite his already high talent level. He posted the fourth-longest shutout streak in QMJHL histo