Is this interactive, or what? June 22, 2009

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Got a question about the upcoming Entry Draft? Need to know about that obscure player for your league? Ask our Draft guru Matt Bugg HERE.


The Peoria newspaper is reporting that Marek Schwarz will return to the Czech Republic to play next season.


Interesting topics in the comments section below. First of all, regarding Marian Gaborik, I am pretty certain – yes, to the tune of 90-10 – that he will not return to the Wild. It doesn't matter what team he ends up on, groin injuries still happen.


The Leafs' John Mitchell sat down for dinner with Jonas Gustavsson. Why wasn't it a more known veteran? Because Mitchell and Gustavsson share the same agent. I think it was just an informal dinner that the agent set up. I believe Gustavsson will end up in Toronto or Colorado.


I think San Jose is a great fit for Dany Heatley, but I also think the Blues are set up nicely to acquire him – lots of cap room and tons of young assets to give up in a trade. Wherever he goes, he's a 100-point player.


Since often during the summer, nothing really happens on Sundays, the Monday morning ramblings tend to be a little bare. If there is anything in particular you want me to comment on, please feel free to enter the topic in the comments box below. I'll jump back on in an hour or two, read through them, and ramble away!

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This afternoon at 3pm ET, 1pm MT, Matt Bugg will host another Q&A hour in the forum. Details on that will be posted closer to the start time here. Click here for last week's session.


Upcoming on DobberHockey:

– He will also host a TWO-HOUR session Thursday afternoon, which will be gold for keeper leaguers looking to get fully prepared and educated for Friday's Draft

– Stuart McDonald will LIVE BLOG his thoughts on the First Round – the impact of the player on his new team, how far away from cracking the roster he'll be, what his potential is, etc.

– Dobber Nation will be up on June 29 instead of June 25 this month to capture draft results and set up free agency. Confirmed guests so far are Lyle "Spector" Richardson and Matt Bugg.