Bye-bye Sergei, June 25, 2009

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TSN says the offer is Kessel for Kaberle and that seventh pick. Horrible offer in my books, as the team could just draft a Phil Kessel with that pick (like Schroeder). Pretty big letdown IMO.


Not tonight, but everyone seems so certain it's close to done. Look for the Leafs to move up in the draft to either take Schenn, or the man they are after all along. Kaberle will be part of a deal to make that happen.


The Sun's Twitter is reporting that Tomas Kaberle has been traded. Stay tuned…


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Michael Russo of the Star Tribune is blogging that the Bruins are now at least fielding offers for Phil Kessel.


Carolina's Dennis Seidenberg is far away from where the Hurricanes are in terms of a number for the contract. He will become a UFA next week, barring a miracle.


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Russo is also reporting that the Blues are hot for Josh Harding – stay tuned there, as Chris Mason has shown in the past that he can lose starting jobs just as well as he can win them.


With rumors that Sergei Fedorov's agent has still been in talks with the Caps even as recently as late last week, Reuters is reporting that it is official – he has signed to play with Metallurg of the KHL for two years.


Chris Chelios has announced that he would like to play another year in the NHL. Any takers? Wonder if the Sharks are interested, given their dealings with Roenick, Blake and Claude.


Just spitballing here, since there is nothing else to write about right now, but…. Gary Bettman. I grant that he has been great for NHL owners in terms of increasing profits. But he also brought in several owners who were led away in handcuffs (NYI, NSH's Del Baggio, and BUF), plus Jerry Moyes who just wants to drop the team. What's more important here? Bringing in a good, qualified owner or maintaining NHL-city stability? It sounds like if he were given two options – 1) Bring in a shady owner who is guaranteed to go to prison for fraud within five years, or 2) Move a struggling team to a successful area – he would choose the former every time. That's not something a sane man would do, there has to be more to it – is MLSE hovering over him casting a big shadow with devil's horns?


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