Toronto Signs Jonas Gustavsson

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Gustavsson - courtesy


The Maples Leafs have signed Jonas “The Monster” Gustavsson to a one-year deal worth $810,000 (plus a small bonus).





Fantasy Impact: Gustavsson will back up Vesa Toskala and provide excellent support if Toskala has another weak season like he had last year. Since Toskala will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, there is a solid possibility that he will be traded by the deadline. That will depend on how much Gustavsson “wows” the team with his play. Obviously, a Toskala trade would mean that the Monster will get in 40 starts or more.


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A reasonable expection for Gustavsson next season would be somewhere in between Jonas Hiller’s (Anaheim) last two seasons: between 10 and 23 wins; .920 SP; 2.25 GAA


A reasonable expectation for Toskala would be somewhere in between J.S. Giguere’s last two seasons: between 19 and 35 wins.