Chicago fiasco no more – July 8, 2009

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The Sens have traded Alex Auld to the Stars for a sixth round draft pick. This pushes Richard Bachman out of the picture – a Dobber favorite – unless the latter has a monster camp. For more analysis on the deal, our goalie specialist Goldman discusses it here.


The Ducks have signed Saku Koivu – analysis up…


According to this report, Jiri Hudler has signed what is suspected to be a “safety contract” with Moscow Dynamo. The deal is for two years and Hudler will continue to negotiate with the Red Wings.


This is a negotiating ploy, I have no doubt, but the risk is there that he could play in the KHL next season. I remember Zherdev used a similar ploy on the Blue Jackets a couple of years ago. This news comes on the heels of the KHL charging the NHL with poaching players for the recent signing of Joel Kwiatkowski by Atlanta, who had also signed a two year KHL deal.


The Hawks are reportedly close to signing Kris Versteeg to a three-year contract worth more than $9 million. Like I said – that Q.O. mailing fiasco would come to nothing. And it did.   For the record, I think Chicago will move players like Byfuglien and Seabrook this year to make cap space for Kane, Toews and Keith. Some people have been asking for my thoughts on that. The team will never trade their big three.


Chicago has signed towering defenseman prospect Simon Danis-Pepin to an entry-level deal. Offensively or PIM-wise, you won’t get much here.   Atlanta has re-signed Joey Crabb and Nathan Oystrick.


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The Bruins have signed Drew Fata and Dany Sabourin as depth players. Sabourin is there in case things don’t work out with Rask. Which they will.


The Canucks made an astute signing in Michael Funk. The 6-4 giant will be their No.7 rearguard and potentially could top 100 PIM.


With Toronto’s depth on the point (10 NHLers now), not only am I certain Kaberle will be moved by early October, but I think another defenseman will go as well. The rumor right now is possibly St. Louis as a trading partner, although I think teams such as Columbus, Boston or Buffalo make better fits. In the case of Boston, I think it’s a case of egos holding the deal back. Burke thought he was getting Kessel and good pick back, while Chiarrelli thought he was getting Kaberle and a great pick back. Now both are waiting for the other to blink, when in fact a deal makes sense – the Bruins are so deep at forward that when Kessel and Krejci come back Blake