August 2, 2009

Dobber Sports


Russ Miller’s recent column “Top Shelf Eastern Talent” was highly criticized and now that things have settled down I have only just caught it. I invite my readers to please read my apology in the comments section below his article. I have also edited a couple of the glaring errors in his column (which were not his fault, but mine).


Steve Zipay is reporting that Nik Zherdev has been awarded $3.9 million in arbitration. The Rangers have 48 hours to decide. My prediction? Bye Zherdev.


Cody McCormick has signed to play for the Sabres this season. On this team, I think he’ll set career PIM highs – perhaps 150 – to go with 10 or 15 points.


It’s great having a thousand editors for my fantasy guide. Within 24 hours I think I have all the typos and formatting mistakes that were made and now they are fixed. The Fantasy Guide has been re-uploaded, complete with the McCormick signing above.

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My apologies to the francophone customers (I wish I could say this en francais, but I wouldn’t do it justice). My two translators were out of the country for the past week. One is back now and pounding through all the translating of the guide. For now, you have the English one in your downloads section. But later today and every day for the next couple of days, I will re-upload with more and more of the document translated. I didn’t foresee both of my contacts being out of the country at the same time until mid-July and it was too late to react the way I should have.