August 5, 2009

Dobber Sports


Jim Balsillie will be allowed to bid on the Coyotes at the auction, the judge has ruled. Full details can be found here.


The Caps signed AHL supersniper Alexandre Giroux to a two-way deal.


USA Today’s Kevin Allen is reporting that Brian Burke told him he has zero interest in Nik Zherdev. So that takes care of that rumor.


The Sens have signed goalie Brian Elliot to a two-year deal. He has the dream job – backing up Pascal Leclaire. With that job, Elliott may as well be the starter, given Leclaire’s IR List frequency. Seriously though, I like Elliott to get in 40 to 50 percent of the games this year. I really don’t trust Leclaire, who really just had one good year and a dozen good injuries.


Blake Sloan has signed to play in Germany next campaign.


The Bergen Record is reporting that Brendan Shanahan has signed with the Devils. No surprise here. The surprise will come if he clears 40 points. I see him getting close, but no cigar.


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Caps beat writer Tarik El Bashir is reporting that Eric Fehr told him that there is a 60% chance he won’t be ready for training camp. He is rehabbing surgery on both shoulders.


More Phoenix stuff – an article by Jame Mirtle reports on the exact tally of the NHL owners voting on Jim Balsillie. The vote was 0-26-3, finding that “he lacks the good character and integrity required”. WOW. I don’t care how bad a person you are, you should be able to walk into a room of 29 people and have at least one say that you have integrity. Something is amiss…


Rumors persist that Heatley will go to the Sharks by tomorrow. There is no way I trade him for Cheechoo an Ehrhoff. No way. So the Sharks better have beefed up that offer tenfold.
The Leafs have until August 15th to trade Kaberle or the window closes. Expect the window to close.


The Fantasy Guide is updated as of this morning. I just tested the upload and it worked fine for me. If anyone has any problems uploading the guide, please email me. But everything should be fine.