August 11, 2009

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A little bit of backtracking from several sources – Zherdev has reportedly not signed, but plans to. Perhaps the agent floated the rumor to drum up a bit of interest for his client? Unless he’s willing to sign for $3.5 million or less – the interest is nil.


TSN/RDS is reporting that Nik Zherdev has signed to play in the KHL. His teammates will include Alexander Radulov and Alexander Perezhogin. This is about where I figured things would end up back in June when the first reports of the gap in contract talks with the Rangers surfaced. Zherdev has one of those personalities (at least, the perception in public that is – I don’t know the man) that screamed KHL throughout his short NHL career. Unlike Radulov, who completely caught me off guard with the move last year.


Chesnokov from Puck Daddy is reporting that Colorado prospect Denis Parhshin was “made to sign” the contract with CSKA, although he had the option to go to Hershey. Parshin implied that Shirokov would not be going to the AHL, but straight to the NHL and if he had the same confidence of going to the NHL then he would have done the same thing. Chesnokov was quoting from SovSport.


Since I’m quoting Chesnokov’s reports anyway, I’ll give you this beautiful little ditty that he quotes from Shirokov: “You can congratulate me. I am going to Vancouver. All my thoughts are abouth the Canucks now.” My thoughts and predictions on Shirokov can be found in yesterday’s update of the Fantasy Guide.


A very small, or under-the -radar signing with Buffalo and Mike Grier. Or is it? I had Nathan Gerbe barely making the team this year – but how can he do that now? Vanek, Roy, Pominville, Hecht, Connolly, Stafford, MacArthur, Gaustad, Kaleta, Paille, Mair, McCormick…and now the Sabres have signed Mike Grier. There’s your 13 forwards, where does Gerbe fit? The AHL rookie of the year will have to beat someone out of a roster spot now.


Jeff Friesen has signed to play next year in Germany.


The Habs have signed Gregory Stewart – that’s a depth signing.

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The Preds have signed Ryan Jones to a two-year deal. I am pretty certain that it is a one-way contract. A spot is his to lose anyway, as he brings sound, all-around game that fits on the third line.


The Tennessean is also reporting that negotiations with Cal O’Reilly continue, and that “one and two-way deals” have been discussed. Here’s hoping O’Reilly gets a well-deserved one-way deal.


Still with the Tennessean article – the Preds have contacted the agents for Tanguay, Afinogenov, Zherdev and Prospal – but nothing was admitted by the team beyond that.


Justin Pogge has indeed gone to the Ducks, as first noted over the weekend. He’ll have a tough time getting into the NHL, I believe. Joey McDonald provides excellent depth in Toronto.