August 22, 2009

Dobber Sports


Fantasy Guide can be found here. Next Fantasy Guide update – Monday. Included in the update – a full analysis of the KHL/NHL situation as well as some players to “red flag” as possible candidates to flee in the summer of 2010. That, some new “lowdowns” and of course the usual roster updates.


Update re: forum (thankfully, everything else on the site works): Overnight we are reloading the backup from Thursday. Then we will be adding our backup from Thurs-Sat to the structure of the first reload. That way we go back to what works and not lose the new threads. Then things will work again…it’s 9:30pm ET so by the morning we’ll be rolling.


Confirmed – I was hacked last night and the forum database was corrupted.


Still getting lots of emails about people being “banned” from the forum. Nobody is banned. Read these ramblings for details about the forum problems.


Back in the office – I am extremely sorry for any and all problems. Something happened security wise overnight and it affected a lot of people trying to login. And to compound matters, I was without Internet from about 11:30am ET to 7:30 ET. I think a couple more bugs have been fixed and I believe a few more people can now login. Are all the problems solved? I highly doubt it. But I will not rest until they are. And please send me emails with your problem (I’m hoping that most are solved and I won’t get many emails – but I do need to know). dobber at dobberhockey dot com.


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Nobody is “banned” from the forum. If you see that message, please disregard and try again later. The forum is ‘mostly’ fixed now, you can go into threads and post. There are still a couple of small problems, but unfortunately I am being kicked out of the office for the day (we have an open house). If you are “banned”, try this: click “forgot password” and follow the emailed instructions. Then it should work. I apologize.


The Coyotes have offered Aaron Downey a tryout in camp, which he has accepted.