August 21, 2009

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Eric Reitz has reportedly signed to play in the KHL.


Looking forward to hearing what Heatley has to say today. I’m usually not one to care about sensationalized stories beyond the initial ‘breaking’ of the story, but this particular story grew very big as a result of his silence. I’m curious to know if he will speak glowingly of how he mended relations with Clouston and is looking forward to playing with the Sens.


Sens’ owner Eugene Melniyk is upset at being “dragged into” the Phoenix business and is insulted by Balsillie’s insinuation that some of the league’s owners are less than pristine (with Melnyk being one of those singled out). We should all remember, when we look at this latest story, that Balisillie didn’t go to the media and spout off a list of criminal NHL owners. He mentioned them in court filings and the media got a hold of those filings. Melnyk should not be offended by this. He could be offended by many other things that Balsillie did (such as undermining the Preds)… but not this.


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Nashville has signed Marcel Goc to a one-year deal, further muddying things up down the middle. It’s a two-way deal though.


Another depth goalie signing for the Sens – Andy Chiodo signs a two-way deal.


The Isles signed late-blooming goaltender Nathan Lawson. The 25-year-old played his way out of the ECHL to put up sparkling numbers for Bridgeport. He’ll see NHL action if DiPietro gets hurt. And Roloson. And Biron. And Koskinen. And Munroe. If all that happens, Lawson is your man.