Twenty-fourth Overall

Ryan Ma




It's not hard to predict that the first overall pick will be successful at the NHL level and really make a difference in fantasy pools, but many poolies probably didn't know that historically speaking the average 24th overall pick has quite a bit of fantasy impact as well. This week we'll delve a little deeper to see what happened/could be in store for all of the recent 24th overall picks with a specific focus on one special individual from the Western Conference.


Luca Cereda TOR – 1999

Cereda's story is a bit of a sad one as his professional career was shortened due to a congenital heart defect. He didn't manage to suit up for a single NHL game but did ended up dressing 161 times for the St. John's Maple Leafs in the AHL.

Brad Boyes TOR – 2000

The Leafs had back-to-back 24th overall picks over a two-year span and got it right the second time around with Boyes. The only problem is that he never played a single game for the Buds and it was the Bruins and the Blues that really benefitted from the late-round steal. Boyes enters this season with 252 points in 328 career NHL games and really started to set the tone for the recent 24th overall picks.

Lukas Krajicek FLA – 2001

There probably aren't high expectations for a late first-round drafted defenseman, so what Florida got with Krajicek was pretty much what they paid to get him. Krajicek is still trying to establish himself with a permanent NHL team, as he's bounced around three different squads in his brief 278-game NHL career. Krajicek once tallied 53 points in 52 contests in the OHL, so he did show flashes of offensive potential early in his career. He'll be turning 26 this season, which generally is when defenseman start hitting their prime, so his production this season could be turning the corner.

Alex Steen TOR – 2002

Steen has turned out to be your run-of-the-mill late first-round draft pick who has a bit of offensive upside, but isn't enough to make huge splashes on the fantasy front. In 314 career NHL games, Steen has a decent 150 points. He'll probably lace up for third/fourth line duties for the Blues this season while tallying right around the 40 point mark.

Mike Richards PHI – 2003

Richards is probably the poster boy for being a late first-round steal. In 290 NHL contests, Richards has 221 points. This past season he surpassed the point-per-game clip for the first time in his career, which has firmly entrenched him as part of the NHL elite. He just had recent surgery on bo